The only way you can predict the future, is to build it

It is in all of us

We are constantly striving to create  unique and innovative products


The Idea

Texting, sending photos and sharing videos has become the way for all of us to stay connected.  Finding common ground for people to use their devices together is where our idea came from. Beem Vision provides a Geolocation experience where ever in the world you are using cross-platform AR/VR and app devices to connect you to the real world you live in. Live sports, behind the scenes in movies, watch movies together the utility is as big as the world we live in.

Some features - what we offer

Screens are our primary interest, evolving all viewable technology to synchronize with each other so that all data is in real time.

Mixed Reality Game

We want our Mixed reality to be timeless and evolve with what people want, not to just follow what’s hot in the moment, but to grow and adapt with our customers.

Innovation Batman!

Beem Vision intends to stay ahead of the curve, as Batman always seems to do.

Fully loaded

Use in sporting stadiums to bring a virtual experience to the home, add to esports tournaments to attract viewers.

Winds of Change

Sitting at home alone watching Netflixs will be a thing of the past. Social viewing will be embraced and become the next step in the evolution of at-home television. Similar to playing video games, watching TV and movies will be fun, interactive and family/friend orientated.

From our research, most people text and post to social media while they are watching TV, movies and YouTube videos.

Addictions on the Toilet

We ask ourselves daily, “How do we make a product for the average person that is so addicted to their phone that they use it in the bathroom?” The answer is simple, BEEM VISION.


Let’s face it, having our phones on hand helps us to feel less lonely. It’s a tool that let’s us connect to the outside world. With school, work, travel – sometimes we can’t be close to the people we love, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them! Beem Vision embraces this and will build on socialization through mobile devices.

  • Create the things you wish existed

    LisaMazzotta CEO
  • I'm always pushing myself to prove the unknown exists

    JesseHarris President

The Team

With a vast background in film development, production and marketing, we are able to incubate and execute highly technical and creative projects, seeing the them through to the very end.